About Me:

Welcome to thebullyblog. If you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Paul Hadfield. Adults usually call me Paul and children call me Mr. Paul. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Maryland, or LCPC. I view bullying as a mental health issue. My interest in bullying is a direct result of my work in the mental health field.

In addition to seeing clients individually in a private practice, I perform two anti-bullying assembly programs, Everyone Belongs and Taking Care, along with my partner Barry Wood. We’ve been to hundreds of schools in 5 states. The programs are based on the research of Dan Olweus and support a holistic approach to the problem with an emphasis on bystander skills. Barry and I both have backgrounds as comedic performers, so the programs are also fun.

About the Blog:

Working with schools, I have been fortunate to meet  many school counselors, teachers, and administrators. I have found them to be both gracious and  eager to implement new ideas and techniques to reduce mean behavior at school. They are also, unfortunately, overworked. So, I’ve created this blog with them in mind, hopefully, providing a forum to learn about current research and new ideas for reducing bullying.

I hope to sort through the media  to find insights and to share ideas and practical pointers. More importantly, I would like to keep up with current scholarly studies that form the research on which our work is based. I believe that this is particularly important, since so much of the popular literature of the past has been anectdotal. And, of course, I hope to hear what you think. Ultimately, I would love the blog to host a community of ideas.  Please feel free to contribute.


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